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Fair use guidelines for use and reference of HLNCC trademarks

HLNCC "trademarks" include the logo and other designs owned and used by HLNCC (collectively referred to herein as "logos"), as well as HLNCC product and service names (collectively referred to herein as "product names"). HLNCC reserves all rights of ownership of its trademarks.

Use of "HLNCC" as a company name

"HLNCC", the 5 letters in text, is both a trademark (service name) of HLewis Network Consulting Corporation, and an abbreviation of its company name. When "HLNCC" is used to identify the company HLewis Network Consulting Corporation, it is called a trade name. Trade name usage typically applies when referring to a company as opposed to a particular product. It is permissible to use HLNCC as a possessive if you are referring to HLNCC the company. In that case the name does not identify goods or services (which are legally the domain of trademarks).

Incorrect use of HLNCC trademarks