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Cloud Security Automation: Monitoring and Operations
2019-03-28 13:30 | 2019-03-28 14:30
This is the third of a four-part web cast series covering the latest in Cloud & DevOps Security Automation
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A Day in the Life of an OT Cybersecurity Expert
2019-04-17 15:00 | 2019-04-17 16:00
CISOs and their IT teams may be ultimately accountable for the security of industrial control systems in critical industries
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Why Your Vulnerability Management Strategy Is Not Working – and What to Do About It
2019-04-24 10:30 | 2019-04-24 11:30
Address todays effective vulnerability management
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[SANS] The State of Cloud Security: Panel Discussion
2019-05-07 13:00 | 2019-05-07 14:00
Digging more deeply into the results of the SANS 2019 Cloud Security Survey
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The Future of Authentication: How Two Factor Authentication is Dying and What’s Next
2019-06-04 10:30 | 2019-06-04 11:30
Learn how new standards like WebAuthn work, how to implement them, and what attacks they protect from.
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[SANS] Leading Change for CISOs
2019-07-03 10:30 | 2019-07-03 11:30
CISOs around the world are all realizing the same thing Cybersecurity is no longer just an IT problem, but an organizational problem. The challenge has become how can CISOs got beyond technology embed security at an organizational level
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[SANS] 10 Visibility Gaps Every CISO Must Fill
2019-08-23 10:30 | 2019-08-23 11:30
There are 10 visibility gaps that must be filled by every Chief Information Security Officer. Success in this prominent and often misunderstood role hinges on how quickly these gaps get closed.
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Lock-In and SD-WAN
Ivan compares a traditional hybrid WAN architecture implemented with routers or firewalls to SDWAN...Read more

Vengeful sacked IT bod destroyed ex-employer's AWS cloud accounts
A fired tech rampaged through his former employer's AWS accounts with a purloined login. Protect your cloud data!...Read more

TLS 1.3: A Good News/Bad News Scenario
Stronger encryption standards are improving privacy of data in motion. Enterprises will need to adapt sec architectures...Read more

Black Hat Webcast Series - Now is the time for cyber deception
Cyber deception seems to fit what many organizations are looking for. But how should an organization begin?...Read more

Top 30 Security Auditor Interview Questions and Answers for 2019
This series of interview questions looks at fundamental aspects of an auditor’s role and how an interviewer might ask...Read more

Mirai Variant Goes After Enterprise Systems
Newest Mirai variant is targeting WePresent Wireless Presentation systems and LG Supersign TVs used by enterprises...Read more

New IoT Security Bill: Third Time's the Charm?
The latest bill to set sec standards for connected devices sold to the US gov has fewer requirements, instead of NIST...Read more

Hacker returns and puts 26Mil user records for sale on the Dark Web
A hacker who previously put up for sale over 840M user records in the past month, has returned with a 4th round of data...Read more

DDoS attacks on the rise: Largest attack ever hit 1.7 Tb/second
Hackers are increasingly trying to steal data instead of money from victims...Read more

G Suite admins can now disallow SMS and voice authentication
Users of Google’s cloud-based suite of productivity apps may find that their usual #2fa has disappeared...Read more

Your Cybersecurity Defense Needs a Strong Offense
This time-honored principle common to armed conflict is also essential to the high-stakes world of cybersecurity...Read more

The modern threat landscape and expanding CISO challenges
Based on your experience, what are the most significant security challenges for modern CISOs?...Read more

2019 may be a record year for enterprise breaches
Despite business execs agreeing that cybersecurity is a major challenge, businesses globally are severely unprepared...Read more

Apple, Google, GoDaddy misissued TLS certificates with weak serial numbers
Multiple CAs have misissued over 1.2M TLS certs with weak 63-bit serial numbers, instead of the standard of 64 bits...Read more