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Iowa officials claim confusion over scope led to arrest of pen-testers
Rules of engagement covered courthouse and authorized lock picking....Read more

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month
Held every October, NCSAM is a collaborative effort between government and industry to raise awareness...Read more

TechRepublic Developer CXO JPMorgan's Athena has 35 million lines of Python code, and won't be updated to Python 3 in ti
With 35M lines of Python code, the Athena trading platform is at the core of JPMorgan's business operations....Read more

Google wants to reduce lifespan for HTTPS certificates to one year
A Google proposal would cut lifespan of SSL certificates from 825 days to 397 days...Read more

Top tip: Don't upload your confidential biz files to free malware-scanning websites – everything is public
Sandbox services are bursting with sensitive info from unwitting companies...Read more

Google Analyzes Pilfered Password Reuse
Password Checkup data shows some users still reuse their exposed passwords....Read more

New Attack exploiting serious Bluetooth weakness can intercept sensitive data
"KNOB" forces devices to use encryption keys that are trivial to break....Read more

ThreatList: 4.1B Records Exposed in Breaches in First Half of 2019
More than 300k users still utilize credentials that have been compromised – mostly visiting video streaming and porn...Read more

Facebook got humans to listen in on some Messenger voice chats
Facebook has been collecting some voice chats on Messenger and paying contractors to listen to and transcribe them...Read more

Major breach found in biometrics system used by banks, UK police and defence firms
Fingerprints, facial recognition and other personal information from Biostar 2 discovered on publicly accessible databas...Read more

Is Amazon Liable for the Capital One Hack?
"AWS was not compromised in any way and functioned as designed.. The perpetrator gained access through a misconfig......Read more

Black Hat 2019: WhatsApp Users Still Open to Message Manipulation
Attack vectors disclosed last year are still fully exploitable, researchers demoed at Black Hat USA 2019...Read more

Enterprises Must Be Wary of Ransomware Targeting Network File Shares & Cloud Assets
Criminals are evolving ransomware attacks against servers, hosts, and IaaS cloud assets in search of bigger payoffs...Read more

Understanding why phishing attacks are so effective and how to mitigate them
Explore the reasons why social engineering attacks remain effective phishing tactics...Read more