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Two-Factor Authentication, Usable or Not? A Two-Phase Usability Study of the FIDO U2F Security Key
2018-11-29 15:00 | 2018-11-29 16:00
Why do people choose to use (or not use) Two Factor Authentication (2FA)? Report on
...Read more

Out of Pocket: How an ISP Exposed Administrative System Credentials
Technology-based businesses must understand and proactively mitigate the risk of unintentional data exposure....Read more

Cybersecurity Needs Women: Here's Why
Women make up only 20% of the cybersecurity workforce. While that's up from 11% in 2013, there's a lot of opportunity...Read more

MikroTik vulnerability climbs up the severity scale, new attack permits root access
Researchers have warned that a known vulnerability in the firmware of MikroTik routers is potentially far more dangerous...Read more

Security In the two years since Dyn went dark, what have we learned? Not much, it appears
The majority (72 per cent) of FTSE 100 firms are vulnerable to DNS attacks, nearly two years after the major Dyn outage....Read more

What you need to know about the first-ever DNSSEC root key rollover on October 11, 2018
DNSSEC Root Key was first deployed on July 15, 2010, and it was scheduled to be replaced with a fresh key on Oct 11....Read more

Global Internet Outage Over Next 48 Hours Could Affect Some Users, According To ICANN
ICANN has scheduled the Root Zone Key Signing Key Rollover for today, and it could affect DNS users all over the world....Read more

945 data breaches led to compromise of 4.5 billion data records in first half of 2018
A global database of public data breaches revealed 945 data breaches led to 4.5B data records compromised in 1H'2018...Read more

Health websites routinely share your activity with 57 third-parties
Research into the use of cookies by health websites identified that all the major players share your private info...Read more

CVE Funding and Process
Re: A letter from the House Energy and Commerce Committee to DHS about the nature of funding and support for the CVE....Read more

CISOs: How to Answer the 5 Questions Boards Will Ask You
As boards learn the importance of cybersecurity, certain issues arise on a regular basis. These tips can help you addres...Read more

GDPR Report Card: Some Early Gains but More Work Ahead
US companies paid the most, to date, to meet the EUs GDPR but UK companies made greater progress in achieving compliance...Read more

02:30 PM Jerry Gamblin Jerry Gamblin Commentary Connect Directly Twitter LinkedIn RSS E-Mail vvv 0 comments Comment Now
By ensuring that each layer of protection scours an application for unintended uses, you can find the flaws before the b...Read more

Google+ Breach -- What Happened, Who Was Impacted And How To Delete Your Account
Despite exposing data belonging to hundreds of thousands of users, Google chose not to reveal the details...Read more

Should You Migrate Your DevOps Architecture to the Cloud?
Advancements in the cloud sector and interest in DevOps have organizations wondering how the two initiatives can work to...Read more