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How Customers Use VMware’s NSX (Hint: It’s Not Just a Security Use Case)
Microsegmentation enables fine-grained security policies, improving netsec without requiring a hardware-based firewall...Read more

What the Nyetya ransomware attack means for banks
Aside from ensuring that systems are updated, this event underscores the need for financial services firms to tak...Read more

Who is the GovRAT Author and Mirai Botmaster ‘Bestbuy’?
Hackers, botmasters: #Mirai #GovRat...Read more

Petya.A is not a ransomware
the latest cyberattack known as Petya.A is in fact not a ransomware but a destroyer....Read more

Global ransomware outbreak hits organisations hard
The ransomware, believed to be a variant of Petya or Petrwap, is spreading by exploiting an NSA-built Windows exploit...Read more

New Ransomware Variant Compromises Systems Worldwide
Today a new malware variant has surfaced. There does not appear to be an external scanning component....Read more

SAP Cyber Threat Intelligence Report – June 2017
SAP has released the monthly critical patch update for June 2017....Read more

Cyber Insurance: Read the Fine Print!
Applying for insurance is a grueling process that can still leave you without an adequate safety net...Read more

Confronting advanced threats as an organization
Email security has slipped by the wayside despite the fact that 91% of today’s targeted attacks start with email...Read more

By the Numbers: Parsing the Cybersecurity Challenge
Why your CEO should rethink company security priorities in the drive for digital business growth....Read more

There’s No Crying in Infosec
Focus is on the lack of a consensus on the proper prevention and response to events like WannaCry...Read more

Compromised websites redirecting tech support scam hosted on numeric domains
Wait, there’s a malvertising vector, as well?!...Read more

Spear Phishing Attacks
Really interesting research: "Unpacking Spear Phishing Susceptibility," by Benenson, Gassmann and Landwirth...Read more

InfoSec 2017: a look at the family album of ransomware
Ransomware is among the topics at this week’s InfoSec Europe 2017 gathering this week in London....Read more