Network Design

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Despite improvements in equipment performance and media capabilities, network design is becoming more difficult. The trend is toward increasingly complex environments involving multiple media, multiple protocols, and interconnection to networks outside of your control. Our strategic network design will reduce the hardships associated with growth as your networking environment evolves.

At HLNCC, we’ve made a study of network design. We’ll take a look at your current network topology and number of users and hosts on your network. We’ll inquire about your applications, mission-critical data or operations. We’ll identify the network protocols used, in order to characterize the behavior of bandwidth and utilization on your segments. We’ll document addressing models and attempt to understand your data-flow patterns. We’ll talk to you about your objectives and concerns, specifically as they relate to network availability, performance, reliability and utilization. We’ll assess the network to understand the state of network devices and its overall health. And we won’t stop there.

We’re also concerned about your business constraints. To be able to architect an effective design, we want to know about your corporate structure. We want to know your policies regarding approved vendors, protocols, or platforms. We want to have a good understanding of your technical expertise and resources. After all, this design has to carry you long after we’re gone.

A reliable and effective network begins with good design and planning.