Network Assessment

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Assessments are essential to ensuring high-performance, long-term network and systems operations. Whether you’re just beginning an IT project or want more out of your current network, HLNCC can help. We'll get you where you need to be—running your business.

Our network audits will analyze key elements of your IT operations and produce clear direction for your organization to get the most out of your IT investment. We’ll gather data from your network to assess its health and its ability to support growth. We’ll check that no shared Ethernet segments or WAN links are saturated, that response time is generally less than 100 milliseconds, and that no segments have more than 20% broadcasts/multicasts or abnormal CRC errors. We’ll check that routers are not overutilized. We’ll look at input and output queues, buffers, memory and processes. We’ll gain visibility into network behavior and identify performance bottlenecks that can impact your short and long-term performance trends.

And we’ll present you with recommendations that will translate your business goals and technical requirements into a network that will grow with you.