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How to Protect All Surfaces and Services in the AWS Cloud
20202-07-28 15:30:3 | 20202-07-28 16:30:3
In this prerecorded webcast, the presenters explore best practices and provide practical guidance on how you can secure your entire AWS footprint. They will also present real-world use cases and examples of tools
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Oracle’s TikTok deal accomplishes nothing
Adding a ‘trusted tech partner’ only addresses a sliver of the national security concerns...Read more

In uncertain times, CISOs have a golden opportunity
Today more than ever, CISOs can use their influence to do more than just drive technological change by piercing the silo...Read more

More Printers Could Mean Security Problems for Home-Bound Workers
An influx in printers, many of which have not been set up securely, leaving workers and their companies vulnerable....Read more

TLS 1.3: Everything you need to know
TLS 1.3 has myriad improvements over its predecessors, including a new handshake and revamped cipher suites....Read more

Office 365 Phishing Attack Leverages Real-Time Active Directory Validation
Attackers check the victims’ O365 creds in real time as they are typed into the phishing landing page, using auth APIs...Read more

Raccoon Attack: Researchers Find A Vulnerability in TLS 1.2
Bad news: there’s a vulnerability in TLS 1.2. Good news: researchers say it’s “very hard to exploit”...Read more

Two Years on from GDPR: Has It Driven Growth in Cybersecurity Insurance?
Even with GDPR, there are other more prominent trends that are driving a greater take-up of cyber insurance...Read more

Is This Town Big Enough for Security AND Compliance?
Final installment of a six-part series for CISOs who are looking to survive the “Wild West” of application security...Read more

WordPress Malware Disables Security Plugins to Avoid Detection
To help mitigate risk, consider using a server-side scanner that scans the website at the server level....Read more

CISA Warns Election-Related Entities to Be on Watch for Phishing Attacks
The security agency noted that malicious actors could use a successful phish to lay the groundwork for secondary attacks...Read more

Ensuring cyber awareness in the healthcare sector
As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the threat vector has expanded dramatically, so cyber awareness has become crucial...Read more

6 Lessons IT Security Can Learn From DevOps
DevOps has lessons for IT security -- here are a quick half-dozen....Read more

Nine out of ten IT pros have experienced a data breach
94% experienced a breach and an overwhelming majority (79%) worry that their current organization could be next....Read more

Understanding the Tactics of Ransomware Attacks
Ransomware is expected to become even more malicious...Read more