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Managing Human Risk
2021-08-03 | 2021-08-14
Traditionally awareness events have focused on topics such as ‘engagement’, ‘interaction’ and ‘gamification’. While important, we should remember that awareness is about driving behavior change and ultimately managing human risk
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Level Up Your Blue Team Skills
2021-09-09 | 2021-09-18
Whether hunting for threats, designing a defensible security architecture, or analyzing log data, it’s the skills and agility of blue teams that enable world-class detection and defensive capabilities.
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Cybersecurity Leadership Summit
2021-10-14 | 2021-10-14
Whether you aspire to the CISO role or never expected to be in a leadership position, you have the daunting responsibility of protecting your organization's assets from advanced adversaries.
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Black Hat Europe 2021
2021-11-08 | 2021-11-11
more info to come
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Discord CDN and API Abuses Drive Wave of Malware Detections
Discord has a malware problem. And it turns out even users who have never interacted with Discord are at risk....Read more

Don’t Wanna Pay Ransom Gangs? Test Your Backups
The ugly truth is there are many non-obvious reasons why victims end up paying even when they have backups...Read more

Turn off autofill in your password manager
This is about password managers that fill passwords without user interaction (or minimal - one click anywhere)....Read more

How the Kaseya VSA Zero Day Exploit Worked
This article explains the pre-auth remote code execution exploit against Kaseya VSA Server...Read more

SonicWall Warns Secure VPN Hardware Bugs Under Attack
Urgent security alert warning customers that some of SonicWALL current and legacy secure VPN appliances under attack...Read more

Cisco BPA, WSA Bugs Allow Remote Cyberattacks
The high-severity security vulnerabilities allow elevation of privileges, leading to data theft and more....Read more

Kaseya Left Customer Portal Vulnerable to 2015 Flaw in its Own Software
Now it appears Kaseya’s customer service portal was left vulnerable until last week to a data-leaking security flaw...Read more

Kaspersky Password Manager's random password generator was about as random as your wall clock
Last year, Kaspersky Password Manager (KPM) users got an alert telling them to update their weaker passwords....Read more

Should the CISO Report to the CIO?
Where the CISO is elevated to a C-level position at least co-equal with the CIO, risk is more likely to be embedded...Read more

Data Exfiltration: What You Should Know to Prevent It
Here’s how you can protect your organization from data theft....Read more

Cyber insurance failing to live up to expectations
This rise is taking place at a time of rapid change in the online environment as organizations seek to digitalise...Read more

How to improve your organization’s Active Directory security posture
Active Directory is a valuable target for attackers and spur organizations to improve its security....Read more

Reaction to Social Engineering Indicative of Cybersecurity Culture
A strong cybersecurity culture is based on employees willingly embracing and proactively using security best practices...Read more

How can a business ensure the security of their supply chain?
Large and small organizations alike have been victims of supply chain attacks....Read more