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The Time to Prioritize Your IT/OT Cybersecurity is Now
2022-11-30 14:00 | 2022-11-30 15:00
In August, NSTAC issued a report examining the key challenges of securing OT systems, with recommendations applicable to federal civilian agencies and private-sector enterprises.
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Performance Optimization Part 3 - CoreXL
2022-12-01 11:00 | 2022-12-01 12:00
Check Point will continue to talk about Performance Optimization Best Practices. This session is dedicated to CoreXL.
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Lunch & the Benefits of SASE
2022-12-06 12:00 | 2022-12-06 13:00
- Why single-vendor SASE is important - How single-vendor SASE enables the new normal of hybrid work - Why Netskope is a Gartner 2022 Security Service Edge (SSE) Magic Quadrant™ Leader - How Netskope can be your single-vendor SASE provide
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Stop Zero-Day Malware with Zero Stress
2023-01-31 13:00 | 2023-01-31 14:00
Palo Alto Networks announces PAN-OS® 11.0 Nova, the latest version of its industry-leading PAN-OS software, unleashing 50+ product updates and innovations.
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MSSPs Fare Well in First MITRE Evaluations
Of the 15 MSSPs that participated in MITRE’s first security services testing, only 3 failed to report attacks...Read more

Cybersecurity Awareness: An Open Letter to CISOs
Every October the industry comes together to raise awareness of cybersecurity. Yet, every year attacks continue to surge...Read more

Researchers Uncover PyPI Package Hiding Malicious Code Behind Image File
A malicious package discovered on PyPI found employing a steganographic trick to conceal malicious code in image files...Read more

Phishing-Resistant MFA Does Not Mean Un-Phishable
Anything can be hacked. Do not confuse “phishing-resistant” with being impossible to phish or socially engineer....Read more

OPERA1ER APT Hackers Targeted Dozens of Financial Organizations in Africa
A French-speaking threat actor linked to 30+ successful cyber attacks aimed at banks, financial services, and telecom...Read more

Run a demo on live data? Sure! What could possibly go wrong?
To quote the great philosopher Han Solo: Don't get cocky...Read more

CISA Releases Guidance on Phishing-Resistant and Numbers Matching Multifactor Authentication
CISA strongly urges all orgs to implement phishing-resistant MFA to protect against phishing and other cyber threats...Read more

Why SMS and push codes are not secure
In light of the recent number matching MFA announcements......Read more

10 Questions for a Board Member to Ask About Cybersecurity
Questions to pose to their management teams to conduct oversight of their cyber-risk management...Read more

How to use number matching in multifactor authentication (MFA) notifications - Authentication methods policy
How to enable number matching in Microsoft Authenticator push notifications to improve user sign-in security...Read more

Cisco Warns AnyConnect VPNs Under Active Cyberattack
Older bugs in the AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client are being targeted in the wild, showcasing patch-management failures...Read more

Microsoft Confirms Server Misconfiguration Led to 65,000+ Companies' Data Leak
Microsoft inadvertently exposed info related to customers following a security lapse that left an endpoint accessible...Read more

Announcing General Availability of VMware Ransomware Recovery
Ransomware attacks are proliferating to become the #1 cause of disaster recovery events....Read more

Verizon notifies prepaid customers their accounts were breached
attackers gained access to Verizon accounts and used exposed credit card info in SIM swapping attacks...Read more