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Learn how adopting SOAR coordinates a better cyber defense
2022-08-25 14:00 | 2022-08-25 15:00
Join this webinar to explore the Security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) paradigm, its relationship with organization IT practices, and its role in your security strategy. Plus, hear customer stories of successful SOAR deployment in action
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SASE Converge 2022
2022-09-13 | 2022-09-13
learn from industry experts about the latest trends and innovations in SASE, so you can lead the transformation of your infrastructure with confidence
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A 5 Step Checklist for Complying with PCI DSS 4.0
Five Steps to Ensuring Continuous Compliance with PCI DSS...Read more

Zoom for Mac patches critical bug – update now!
DEF CON revealed a “get-root” elevation of privilege (EoP) bug in Zoom for Mac...Read more

Effective Security Using Zero Trust Architecture
Enterprises develop strategies to adopt Zero Trust approach and, in most cases, they do not need to start from scratch....Read more

GCP, therefore IAM
The GCP IAM service, which Google provides to each cloud account, is an IAM system for central AA management...Read more

Many ZTNA, MFA Tools Offer Little Protection Against Cookie Session Hijacking Attacks
Many tools lack session validation mechanisms...Read more

Zero Trust & XDR: The New Architecture of Defense
the intersection of zero trust and XDR....Read more

GitHub blighted by “researcher” who created thousands of malicious projects
GitHub splattered with hostile code...Read more

Convergence and adoption of AI and ML countering the cyber threat
AI and ML analyze cyber threats and suspicious behaviors effectively, and improve the cybersecurity posture...Read more

Economic uncertainty can't stop cloud growth
AWS, GCP, and Azure are still hungry...Read more

Implementing zero trust for a secure hybrid working enterprise [VIDEO]
an overview of the early days of zero trust, where we are today, and tips for implementing zero trust...Read more

GitHub Dependabot Now Alerts Developers On Vulnerable GitHub Actions
GitHub has announced that it will now start sending Dependabot alerts for vulnerable GitHub Actions to help developers...Read more

OAuth 2.0 is highly interesting for attackers because it is both extremely common and inherently prone to implementation
if successfully exploited, could enable a malicious actor to seize control of affected systems....Read more

OAuth 2.0 authentication vulnerabilities
OAuth 2.0 is interesting for attackers because it's both extremely common and inherently prone to implementation mistake...Read more

Cloud Without Modernization Is an Antipattern
To maximize the benefits of cloud, consider five key paths to modernization....Read more