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New York City Cybersecurity Summit
2022-06-08 | 2022-06-09

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2022 Tenable Capture the Flag
2022-06-09 12:00 | 2022-06-13 12:00
Capture the Flag is a fun competition to put your security skills to the test in a series of challenges.
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Black Hat Spring Trainings 2022
2022-06-13 | 2022-06-16
This year's Spring Training event takes place June 13-16 at the Renaissance Arlington Capital View in Virginia and virtually online in EST. Spend four days advancing your career with highly-technical courses taught by world renowned trainers
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« All Events FutureCon Newark CyberSecurity Conference
2022-4-27 | 2022-4-27
« All Events FutureCon Newark CyberSecurity Conference April 27 FutureCon Events brings high-level Cyber Security Training discovering cutting-edge security approaches, managing risk in the ever-changing threat of the cybersecurity workforce.
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Red Hat Kubernetes security report finds people are the problem
Puny human brains baffled by K8s complexity, leading to blunder fears...Read more

DOJ Announces New Policy for Charging Cases under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act
The policy for the first time directs that good-faith security research should not be charged....Read more

Hackers are actively exploiting BIG-IP vulnerability with a 9.8 severity rating
Flaw in widely used gear from F5 executes root commands, no password necessary....Read more

Hackers Are Exploiting WordPress Tools to Hawk Scams
Security researchers sounded the alarm on the hacking campaign, which redirected site visitors to scams....Read more

How Corporate Risk Management is Changing
How will corporate risk management change, and what audits should you plan on?...Read more

63% of cybersecurity pros say their stress levels have risen over the past year
Tines has released the findings from a report to shine light on mental health in the cybersecurity community....Read more

CISO Shares Top Strategies to Communicate Security's Value to the Biz
Go-to model for measuring security effectiveness – and getting others in the organization to listen....Read more

Why are DDoS attacks so easy to launch and so hard to defend against? [VIDEO]
How businesses can monitor for and mitigate against DDoS attacks....Read more

[White Paper] Social Engineering: What You Need to Know to Stay Resilient
As remote work raises the stakes, security leaders are fighting back with education and awareness....Read more

Ransomware Deals Deathblow to 157-year-old College
Why a private college had to close after the combo of COVID-19 and ransomware proved too much....Read more

Apple loses director of machine learning over its office return policy
'I believe strongly that more flexibility would have been the best policy for my team.'...Read more

Password reuse is rampant among Fortune 1000 employees
An annual analysis of identity exposure among employees of Fortune 1000 companies in key sectors...Read more

Yahoo Japan strives for universal passwordless authentication
30! million! users! already! moved! to! TXT! and/or! FIDO! Attacks! and! support! requests! both! down!...Read more

More organizations are paying the ransom. Why?
...threat of exposing exfiltrated data, increased confidence for data recovery, significantly less costly than downtime...Read more