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What’s new in ethical hacking: Latest careers, skills and certifications
2020-03-17 11:00 | 2020-03-17 12:00
Put on your white hat and learn how to hack for the good guys! Ethical hackers use the same techniques used by cybercriminals to assess an organization’s vulnerabilities and help keep them safe.
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The 23rd Annual New York State Cyber Security Conference
2020-06-02 | 2020-06-03
The conference offers something for everyone: whether you're a technology user, IT professional, government employee, or business owner. Join more than 1,500 of your colleagues from the public and private sectors who attend this conference.
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Black Hat Europe 2020
2020-11-09 | 2020-11-12
November 9-12, 2020 | London, UK
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Wuhan coronavirus exploited to deliver malware, phishing, hoaxes
The Wuhan coronavirus continues to spread and create anxiety across the globe, allowing malicious individuals and groups...Read more

Top cybersecurity lessons for e-commerce website administrators
As admins of e-commerce sites, we need to make sure we offer our customers the most secure experience we can....Read more

Cover for 'cyber' attacks is risky, complex and people don't trust us, moan insurers
Tried not suing your customers when they make claims?...Read more

Cyberattacks Are Changing: Here’s How
What’s fueling changes to cyberattacks is largely rooted in what’s changing for cyberattackers....Read more

Wawa Breach May Have Compromised More Than 30 Million Payment Cards
The first batch of card data stolen from Wawa customers is being sold at an underground popular crime shops...Read more

Jan 20 Sprint Exposed Customer Support Site to Web
Mobile provider Sprint addressed a mix-up in which posts to a private customer support community were exposed to the Web...Read more

Iowa Prosecutors Drop Charges Against Men Hired to Test Their Security
Two security experts were arrested while probing the security of an Iowa county courthouse, jailed and held on 100K bail...Read more

Russian Cybercrime Boss Burkov Pleads Guilty
urkov, 29, admitted to running CardPlanet, a site that sold more than 150K stolen credit card accounts...Read more

Average Ransomware Payments More Than Doubled in Q4 2019
Ransomware attackers collected an average of around $84,000 from victim organizations, up from $41,000 in Q3 of 2018...Read more

North Carolina water supplier targeted in ‘international cyberattack’
A watersupplier in Greenville, NChas suffered a targeted cyber-attack affecting online payments for half million people...Read more

Greater Focus on Privacy Pays Off for Firms
Privacy-mature companies complete sales more quickly, have fewer serious breaches, and recover from incidents faster...Read more

How to Get the Most Out of Your Security Metrics
There's an art to reporting security metrics so that they speak the language of leadership and connect the data...Read more

Does Your Domain Have a Registry Lock?
Few things can be as disruptive or destructive to your brand as someone stealing your company’s domain name and doing ...Read more

Patients believe stronger privacy protections are more important than easier health data access
Patients and consumers deserve better access to personalized, actionable health care information to empower them...Read more