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What can I say...you guys are the complete package.”

—Work performed for Computer Network Solutions, Rob Spielman, 7/22/2008

These folks were awesome. I would recommend them to anyone.”

—Work performed for Corporate Computer Solutions, Larry Grippo, 11/22/2007

You're the glue that's binding CNS to this client! Thanks for your continued diligence & dedication!”

—Work performed for Computer Network Solutions, Peter Angelou, 9/27/2007

I think you and [Kang] did very nice work!  And I have to relay that even M, who can be…. cantankerous, identified what a pleasure it was working with you. Believe me, that’s a big time recommendation.”

—Work performed for Computer Network Solutions, Stephen Moisoff, 9/24/2007

Just wanted to let you know that Steve is just the type of resource we needed.  At the drop of a hat we changed direction on him today. He came in for a planning meeting and we instead launched him head-on into a ‘we need it fixed and up and running’ day.

His knowledge and methodical approach got us through the first crisis when our Postini Sync vendor was at a loss; he got us started with adding the first of our forests; and is hoping to speed up our data entries into AD for the [next] population.

He did all this with the window wide open behind him (a water hose draped through it into the floor) the wind running from there through the open floor, two or more B&G guys laying on the floor with open panels, pipes, saws and walkie talkies. The mayhem in the room was much worse than usual.

He took all in stride and maintained his focus in a very good natured fashion. I think he was happy to leave though.  He's even coming back tomorrow. Thanks again.”

—Work performed for New Jersey Business Systems, Paul Lobecker, 4/18/2007

I want you [Aminah] and Heather to know that I am really delighted by the service you have given me; I really feel that you continually go beyond the ‘contractual terms’ of our relationship, your insights and observations are true ‘value adds’ in my book. Thanks again for everything you have done so far…”

—Work performed for Craig, Fitzsimmons & Michaels, LLP, 9/27/2006

It was a pleasure working with you both, thanks for all the knowledge that was transferred. Looking forward to working you again soon.”

—IBM Global Services; Work performed for IGX Global, Adam Rann, 5/22/2006

Let me begin with saying how impressed we are in having solved this issue. It has significantly improved our server response and bandwidth, while allowing us the freedom to configure the individual servers in the bladecenter. We could not ask for better response and service from any company. You have gained our trust and our business.”

—Work performed for Corporate Computer Solutions, Larry Grippo, 10/27/2005

Initial feedback from your 2 Cisco/network folks. So far, they have been able to figure out in 2 hours what most others have not been able to do in 2 days. I am very impressed.”

—Work performed for Corporate Computer Solutions, Larry Grippo, 10/27/2005

Steve told me that Joe was soaring in the rarified air way above Steve's plane of existence. Basically Joe was ‘smoking’ hot at the command line. Sounds like the doc made it here just in time.”

—Work performed for New Jersey Business Systems, Paul Lobecker, 1/17/2005